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Ralbright143 1 day ago

1/2 Pound Waygu Burger Deluxe

Great burger and fantastic service!

Crystalbell1695 2 days ago

Lobster Crab Cakes

Oh my goodness their lobster cakes are amazing!! We're so excited to have this place close by! Can't wait to try something new next time!

Jaymiemagana 5 days ago

Lobster Crab Cakes

The best food, atmosphere, and wine I've had in a while. My husband is an awesome cook, and we belong to a great wine club... so I usually don't eat out and rave about the food and drinks. But, this place... this place was awesome!! The lobster cakes were incredible, the wine was fantastic, and the atmosphere was both welcoming and romantic. I intend to come back often.

Jennycordiner6595 5 days ago


Chickerones were delicious:-)

Maroelynnbryant 6 days ago

Crab Stuffed Halibut Filet

This new spot in Bremerton is doing so many things right, beginning with the greeting at the hostess desk. The young man that sat our party of 4 seemed ebullient to see us, which was fine. The staff seems young and somewhat inexperienced, but what they lack in experience, they make up for with personality. First impression of the interior was that it reminded me of an old winery. High ceilings with exposed beams, I could almost picture wine barrels stacked 4 high. Usually with rooms like this, noise becomes a factor. Not so much here. The place was full, but not overly loud, which for me is a total turn off. We sat at a table close to the bar and had no trouble hearing each other or our server. Everyone ordered something to drink, and we began our Gastropub encounter with Lava Fries. The entree selections were the Wagu Burger, Halibut with Crab and the Pork Chop. Dessert was Brown Cake and Mud Pie. The food is excellent quality and thoughtful in taste and presentation. Everyone in our group enjoyed our dinner. Pork and Beef were cooked to perfection. The Halibut was great, but only slightly warm. That could have been an expediter mistake. It maybe sat in the window too long waiting for the rest of the order. This issue is typically my biggest complaint when dining out, however it tasted great. Also, I understand that they are new, and still finding their footing and timing. Constructive criticism is helpful, but usually not in the middle of a Friday night rush. The desserts were heavenly and each one was enough to share and still feel satisfied. Drinks were good, albeit inconsistent. My first Margarita was excellent and not because it was strong, it was perfectly balanced. Just the right amount of tequila, lime juice and I suspect a splash of soda. I did not detect the dreaded sweet and sour concentrated mix that you can buy anywhere and is full of chemicals. Typically, one margarita is my limit, but my husband was sipping on it as well, so we ordered two more. They were slightly different. Served in a rocks glass, first one was in a pint glass, they didn't taste the same. Possibly different bartenders? Our server assured us that it was the same amount of drink, just a smaller glass. Hmmm, maybe that works on some people. Since we weren't sitting at the bar, I didn't get the first bartenders name. This guy was skilled, no shortcuts. He shook a Martini for a full minute. I don't expect the kind of action we saw from Tom Cruise in the movie "Cocktail", but I have seen many bartenders shake a Martini for 5 seconds and call it good. That does not make for a good drink. This guy was the real deal. The margarita that he fixed for me was excellent. And speaking of servers, Amanda was a blast! One of the most enthusiastic servers I have ever encountered. She was funny and engaging without being intrusive. Most of our meal was served by Jack, one of the owners. What a great guy! He answered all of our questions from the logo design to building history, with sincerity and patience. He didn't rush through a condensed version and run off. Axe and Arrow will only get better with time and experience. They already have a strong foundation. I think that opening with a limited menu is very smart. It gives everyone time to hone their skills and learn with each other. I am not sure if they are advertising, per se. I know that Social Media recommendations are what brought us. This is a place that we will continue to frequent. Cheers!

Anablamey27 8 days ago

Lettuce Wrap

I just need to shout out Tom and his team at Axe and Arrow. He has been helping me plan a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend since April. He and his team went above and beyond to make it magical. The 3 servers working our party of 50 ish people were attentive and fun. Jenna, Jo, and Brody made sure everyone was taken care of all night. They checked in with me by name and made sure the birthday boy had a drink in hand all night! I cannot thank them enough! Tom gets a very, very special thank you. He helped us set up without being asked. He spent time with both my family and my boyfriends - genuinely interested in each person. He made sure to walk the party and see that everyone was enjoying themselves. He is so kind and caring. I could not have asked for more. The party was perfect, largely in part to the venue, the staff, and the food (whatever you do, eat here. And eat it all!) Thank you all for making the party as incredible and special as I had hoped for. We will be back for sure!

Ciao Bella40 16 days ago

1/2 Pound Waygu Burger Deluxe

The dish I wanted was unavailable - Crab stuffed Halibut. Looking forward to trying it out next visit. I ordered the chop chop salad w/Ahi Tuna. It was really good. We also had the Lobster Crab Cakes- very good. My husband had the burger and loved it! We will definitely be back. Have you all thought about a late night happy hour on Friday and Saturday? From 9pm-12am? I think it would be a hit!

Beachplum1 19 days ago

1/2 Pound Waygu Burger Deluxe

Best Burger ever...

Danielle 20 days ago

Mud Pie

Looked amazing- but has almonds on top and inside. Tree nut allergy peeps beware!

Tonyalidikon 21 days ago

Honey Brown Cake

Dinner was delicious but in the words of my boyfriend, the honey cake is a 5 star dessert and we will definitely come back for it. It should be a permanent menu item.

Lasaternikki 21 days ago

Kalua Smoked Pork Sliders

Great portions of meat on each slider! The beer selection was great and we loved the atmosphere as well as friendly service! Glad there is a nice change of pace to Bremerton's selections!!

Ally 22 days ago

Spicy Sticky Wings

The best wings I've ever had! They were perfectly cooked and crispy with the sauce on the side.

Randoman2 25 days ago

1/2 Pound Waygu Burger Deluxe

Great burger

Mdmiller81 27 days ago


These are so frickin' good I could eat them by the pile, not the plate the pile. They should be a side option for every entree if not an entree unto themselves!

Anablamey27 28 days ago

1/2 Pound Waygu Burger Deluxe

Laval Fries were also absolutely delicious. They were over the top with flavor. The burger has thick, crisp bacon on it that is unbelievably tasty. The fries have a cheese sauce that is spicy but rich with flavors.

Erin 30 days ago

Loco Moco

This is my favorite dish here. Everything else I have tried is a close second. This is cooked perfectly!

Mck.Nicoya about 1 month ago

Honey Brown Cake

This is the dessert of all desserts. Perfectly sweetened, moist yet fluffy cake - served with delicious gelato! I dream of eating this again! Cannot wait to come back in.

Tycam2 1 day ago

Axe & Arrow Chop Chop

Okay, I didn't actually have this. My better half did. With seared ahi. And while the sliders and fries I had were awesome, I spent the whole meal trying to keep from reaching over to steal bites of this amazing salad. Everything about it was perfect. The look, the way the ahi was cooked, the dressing, everything. I know what I will be ordering next time we come in, and that will be soon because I can't stop thinking about that Chop Chop salad!

Cakes1975 4 days ago

Bone in Pork Chop with Apple, Apricot, Mint chutney

Besides appetizers, this was my first "meal" I enjoyed. My whole family came for Fathers Day, which uncluded 7 people, 2 dads. A few of us ordered the same thing, but we definitely had a variety to try. I had the pork chop with sides. It was AMAZING and it can be very hard to make a pork chop so tender and juicy with all the flavor it retained. The chop was cooked perfectly and the sause that went with it just added to the perfection. The entire table was extremely happy with their meal as well as the cocktails and beers. Along with that, the service was 5 star. There wasnt anything that we lacked from the minute we walked in until we paid our check. The service was prompt, knowledgeable and very friendly. The owner came out and handed our 2 dads cigars which completely blew them away and sealed the deal! Axe and Arrow absolutely made Fathers Day and we will be booking for the next family dinner!!!!

Sprmccarty 5 days ago

Loco Moco

An explosion of flavors, all of which were amazing. Seasoned perfectly. From the time we walked in the door we were treated like old friends. We were graciously introduced to the owner and the chef. The decor instantly makes you feel at home. Enjoyed the diversity and simplicity of the menu and tried 2 of the desserts, wonderful! Thank you for making an ordinary Saturday evening something special!

Steve Ethan 5 days ago


I've been to this place 3 times now. Every time I've gone I've left feeling full and feeling like I got great service and great food along with great beer/drinks. It's so nice seeing downtown Bremerton having such great options but Axe & Arrow is hands down one of the best in ALL of Bremerton. Go grab a plate of chickerones and lava fries and you can thank me later! Ha!

Jenniferconnerwriter 7 days ago

Jalapeno Poppers

Breaded in chicken cracklin the jalapeno poppers are perfect. The rich goat cheese melts in your mouth as the fresh jalapenos give it a kick in the end. Wash the spice down with one of the large selection tap menus for the perfect combo. This is what Bremerton needed!

Janprincess 9 days ago

Crab Stuffed Halibut Filet

The crab stuffed halibut was the best ever! The staff and chef were so attentive! We will be back very soon!

Finna 19 days ago

Crab Stuffed Halibut Filet

Loved this dish, the crab didn't taste flavored with fish, it tasted like real crab. You guys NEED to bottle that sauce (believe it was the dynamite sauce) and sell it! I'd Buy it!!!

Randallbuchanan 19 days ago

1/2 Pound Waygu Burger Deluxe

Burger was great

Virgiliana.Pickering 20 days ago

1/2 Pound Waygu Burger Deluxe

LOVED the burger! It was very juicy, salty, meaty, with bold flavors that came together in scrumptious harmony! So glad to have finally found not just a good burger in Bremerton, but an EXCELLENT one! And the "honey brown cake" was (apparently) made of warm, dense, buttery dreams. We got top notch service, too. Looking forward to coming back to try the Loco Moco and "mud pie."

Radavenport78 21 days ago

Kalua Smoked Pork Sliders

Delicious. Brought 4 kids and 3 adults. Treated amazing. Thank you Staff!

Cfmenke 22 days ago

Lava Fries

Wow! We devoured these! Thank you for a normal serving size- less guilt!

Kim 24 days ago

Loco Moco

Absolutely delicious! Huge portions. The combination of beef, gravy, rice and egg was wonderful.

Tayna.Martin 25 days ago

1/2 Pound Waygu Burger Deluxe

We had a group of 8 and the service and food was great. I'm looking forward to coming back soon.

Samantha.Laree.Morrow 28 days ago

Honey Brown Cake

This is the BEST dessert I've ever had. So light and moist. The gelato was the perfect finish. Shout out to our server Napoleon! He was super attentive and very friendly.

Cheshirekatt1 28 days ago

Honey Brown Cake

Hands down the BEST dessert I've ever had! Just the right level of sweetness, the texture was perfectly cakey. Be sure to include a bit of the fresh strawberry in every bite - seriously, it's to die for! I will definitely have this again

Andrew.Sicat about 1 month ago

Lava Fries

Loved these fries! The fries were crispy and the cheese sauce had a nice kick.

Jenniferconnerwriter about 1 month ago

Kalua Smoked Pork Sliders

Pulled pork happy hour sandwiches and Jelly Fish Brewery from Georgetown. It was sooooo good! Axe and Arrow is a great addition to Bremerton.